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SuperMom Reality Tv Show

Digital Interactive Media Limited

presents the special reality show “The Supermom2”to celebrate African mothers of all socio economic class for their unflinching love and uncompromising care for their children.


Nigerians are encouraged to write a short story on why their mum is the greatest. Send your stories to 33070. The top 20 stories would be selected, a special interview would be conducted for the entrants and the mothers while professional movie stars re-enact the stories in a very emotional drama..

Supermom Reality Show is highly sentimental, emotional, value adding, experiential and most importantly, it is original.

Sponsored by Indomie Noodles, Ariel and Onga!

Entry closes 25th June, 2011, Broadcast starts July 16 2011


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12 thoughts on “SuperMom Reality Tv Show

  1. Bisolah on said:

    is this for real? how do i enter?

  2. flakky on said:

    i’ve sent my entry already

  3. temmielowa on said:

    i love my mom, winning a new house for her wont be a bad idea at all……

  4. Nneka on said:

    Supermom2, how do i know if my story is shortlisted???

  5. toibat on said:

    thanks miss ikaz….. great job

  6. tosh on said:

    I love my mom, SuperMom 2 is a must watch

  7. Bimpe on said:

    The things my mum has done 4me, I can’t begin to count, she’s awesome! Thanks 2d organizers 4recognizin the efforts of mothers

  8. damilolar on said:

    I love advert, “I love my mum, my mum is my best friend”. The things a mother can do, no1 else can.

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