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What Men & Women Really Want?

I’ve asked myself this question, over and over again, “what men really want” ?
Its not about the physical, I doubt it, I think I just want to be happy, very happy, be in a relationship with someone who makes me forget everything in the world, someone who won’t cheat on me, someone who won’t lie to me, someone who’ll understand me. Like Waje said “whether na 1 naira” and like Trey Songz said ” a dollar and a dream” its fine by me, as long as he loves God, he loves me,as long as he’s sincere,as long as he has a dream and prospects.
I asked a couple of people though, and here’s what “they want”


The perfect10. Focused,not lazy, sexy in heels, sexy in a tshirt! Knows where she’s going and doesn’t settle for the bullcrap of “you’re the man”, definitely high on Oprah and a real rugged friend! doesn’t wear NUN looking night dresses! Those types with ugly lace trimmings. Looooool
– Sola Kuti

Trust and friendship,only then can love prevail
-Terry Tha Rapman

Someone who understands, who deeply cares, and someone I know I can count on no matter how much it may hurt them.
– Segun “Aldmoni” Oyefule


I want a girl with a good sense of humour, an outspoken girl but not lousy, if you know what i mean, down to earth, spontaneous, she must be presentable, and oh before i forget she must have a well shaped behind. lol

– Taofik Adedeji

Friendship and Trust: Friendship takes care of a lot, the embers that strike at the beginning of a relationship, eventually lose their spark. In the long run, that friendship will matter.

– Joseph Ogbeide

I just want a woman that understands I have to work,as an artist I’m always everywhere so she gotta understand,I hate nagging,I just want an independent woman who holds her own,#shikena
– BigT


Women want to be able to trust their partner and to feel literally like they r the only girl in the world. Or maybe that’s just me! Women like men they can respect and support, and they want to be respected and supported! And I suppose they want to know that if they give their all to this person, this person would give his all to them!
-Tosyn Bucknor

I just want the man’s attention, a partner I can talk to about everything, his commitment, loyalty and most importantly good sex. And yeah, a relationship with loads of laughter, fun and unavoidably the tears too *big smile*

I need him to understand my silly self and love me for me.. I’ll be happy to do anything for him.
– Kike Okunade

A man who respects and loves God more than anything else.
– Shamshuez

I want honesty,affection,attention TLC & I want to be his only, I want him to be goodlooking cos I def hav to b sexually attracted to him,In a rltshp, mutual understanding, good sex, and financial benefits
– Gbemi

Honesty, Commitment, Attention, a great lover (in bed- before nko?!), a man who values family (if he values his own, he sure will value yours), a success driven man, a man who not only respects God but one who has a conscience.
-Tosyne Ayotunde

I want a caring, understanding non-nagging, non- whining dude. A guy I don’t have to talk too much before he undastands what I am saying, basically I just want peace of mind in my relationship,lol and I want a guy that would pay 80% for everything
– Kemi Quadri

In a relationship, I want , trust,love,patience,listening ears,helping hands,caring heart and a strong friendship bond
-Nike Adeniji

Communcation as a foundation…. Faithful, Love, understanding, respect, trust as pillars… So FLURT.. *Wink*
– Mobola Akintunde


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34 thoughts on “What Men & Women Really Want?

  1. Dera Brain on said:

    A woman that knows what she wants and not depend on a man all the time. A God fearing woman who understands her man and not the nagging type.

  2. JidAdoD on said:

    I want a helpmate,someone I can lean on cos there is no perfect being anywhere…A true friend.

  3. sweetsturv on said:

    i want someone who wont cheat on me,someone who knos just d rite things to say to me,who luvs me back ,someone who wont lie to me…..nd Godfearing!

  4. damilolar on said:

    I want a man who’ll be since, I agree with you Ikaz , because at he end of it all we just want to be happy, all the ladies here have great points! As for the men, ok sirs, we hear una

  5. Femi on said:

    I think want to be respected, pampered too, same way women want too! We all want the same things

  6. Dr Taj on said:

    Truth is, all we want be it men or women is SECURITY…. Whether na love or na the money or pampering or happiness we just want to know that this is ours and not for sharing. Security of all those many many things u all mentioned earlier… But guess what, its NEVER a complete package…. Shsllom.

  7. yomi on said:

    @Sola Kuti you took the words out of my mouth! Correct bruva

  8. sherizzle on said:

    I want a dedicated, hardworking, smart (not cunning), funny and whimsical woman that I can count on and boastfully call my own… Ummm she’s got to be pretty and have all the right curves at the right angles too. Yes, that’s what I want.

  9. ASmilingHat on said:

    Semi (But not overly) Independent, Funny & playful yet Mature & focused, Understanding. Should nag continuously only on ‘Those 5 days’ cuz frankly I don’t like/give wahala…I think. Oh! And of course, a good cook & a great lay. ^_^

  10. Nike Fagbule on said:

    Totally feeling Sola Kuti, Tosyn Bucknor, Tosyne Ayotunde and Larsanya… Nice one Zee….

  11. telema on said:

    kemi i’m so with u on that 80% ish o

  12. bimbola on said:

    u have all spoken well

  13. uhmnnn… we all want the same thing… buh do we get em? nope. sadly.

  14. Ibrahym on said:

    Lovely question, I’ve neva planned for love that’s why i do not have specs cos I believe when it hits, u just fall hard irrespective of Tribe, religion,shape and skin colour.
    So all i want from God is…. someone special who’d complete me. I agree mistakes’d be made but we’ll correct them,arguments’d break out, we’ll settle them, boundaries ‘d be erected, we’ll skip over them, we’ll fight and make up….so Baba God i dey wait o!!

  15. Tomboxe on said:

    Rather odd that more girls than guys mention sex as a want… Hmmm…

  16. her majesty on said:

    I want a man that is God fearing, has family valuez, tall n fit wit good looks to compliment his height, comfortable as in financially with prospects.. I mean lotsa prospects, a bright future that could even blind me, great sex life, great kisser, who listens, a friend, someone I could try and feel at ease when ever I am wit him, someone I could talk to without being afraid, a man who can control his temper and doesn’t hit a lady. Someone who doesn’t feel shy to talk to me bout anytyn, I mean anytyn, someone who can say babe abeg borrow me money will pay u tonight or weneva.. I mean change oo coss o get money. Am not asking for a perfect man, and I embrace flaws, all I want is a funny man with a very good sense of humour. Someone I would love all his imperfection PERFECTLY!! Is that me askin for too much???

  17. simisola on said:

    Well spoken! At the end of the day its happinessv we all want

  18. blessing on said:

    Nice. .
    I want a man I can trust
    A man I can call my own
    I hate sharing.

  19. bimolah on said:

    I fink men r confused, they don’t know what dey want!

  20. damie on said:

    I want a man dat wud complete me, my better half, dat way he loves me 4me!

  21. Cutie Dames on said:

    I want a real man, not pomo men like we have around :p

  22. tobi on said:

    I want a happy ending, a fairytale relationship!

  23. fadeke on said:

    Like sum1 said, we r mur bothered about wat we want, r we wat we want?

  24. morenike on said:

    Men r jus naturaly animalistic! A man has all he wants in a women, yet he’ll still cheat on her n lie to her, its crazy trying to b dat perfect1, ders no point

  25. Femi on said:

    Sola Kuti, I’m with you man, all the way! That’s all I need n I’ll be fine! Nice1 man

  26. I want…
    I want…
    Uuuuummm….. What do I want sef?
    You know what? all through my life I’ve had a list of the qualities I want in a guy.
    and every year, i go back to that list and cross out a couple of things.
    Cos to be sincere, this shit gets tiring a lot.
    What I can only pray and hope for is that God sends to me who I can call MINE! And mine ALONE!
    Not mine and hers as well. NOPE! NO CANT DO!!!
    So, that should be our prayer, that God sends to us our SOULMATE.
    And all the other things we ask for can follow…
    Like the ugly night dress trimmings and stuff. LoL!

  27. odior on said:

    I want this i want that…even men nag so pple should stop saying its only women that nag…..i want a man who will love me just the way i am……..and also knws the right thing to do simple

  28. Even as indiduals we aint sure what we really want, nice responses though, I think I just want happiness. That’s enough for me

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