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Letter to Heaven

Apartment 2, Golden Lane
19th June 2011
Hi Dad,
Happy Fathers day, is it fathers day over there? Anyway I wish I could call you or send you a text, guess its not possible, so I just thought to write a letter to heaven.
Just got out of the shower! Lol, how are you? “Uhgboh”? I can almost hear you laugh, lol, how are you? I miss joking with you jor, and your laughter? I miss your angry face *tongue out* , I miss gisting with you, playing you my voice notes, telling you my plans, I miss having a male figure worrying about me, but guess what? I’m glad you are up there, watching over us, atleast now you have super powers, woot woot, so you can still protect us from over there right? You’ll still have the strength to punch anyone in the face for messing with us, right? And I can still tell you stuff, and I can almost feel your presence, it just seems like you’ve gone on one of those your long trips to yankee or jand, guess trips to heaven take a longer time,lol.
I can see your sad face sometimes, your teary eyes, your worrisome face, when you think something is wrong with us, I know you feel bad that you are not here, don’t worry jor, you played your part dad, it was part of the script and guess what I love your role.

Guess what, I’m going into pr, and woot woot, I’m in my finals, see what I did to Ikhaz-Yakubu & Associates *tongue-out* I turned it to M.Ikaz&A, lol, yea I know you are proud of me, I’m proud of you too, I want to be a writer just like you, I want to become president of NIPR just like you, lol.
I love those your golden robes I see you wear in my dreams, chei they are so pretty, especially the one you wore the last time I saw you in my dream, they are prettier than the one’s you had here, we still haven’t decided what to do with your stuff, your room is still under lock and key as its not even one year yet, its been 10months daddy, 10months.
So at the beginning of this letter it was all smiles, but as I type these lines, my eyes are blurred,I can barely see, *sobs* I’m crying again and laughing too, lol, at the same time. I miss you so much I can’t lie about that, I hear I’ll cry more on my wedding day, let’s see how it goes.
I have a meeting at 12 dad, I’ll probably write you much later,
P.s all your newspaper cuttings, all you ever wrote? They inspire me, lol. I just want to be like you.
Zainab Azegbeyele Yakubu
Your little Baby

At about the time I finished writing my letter, I had tears in my eyes, it was supposed to be funny jor, guess it can’t be. Got a meeting in a few. :* :*
Mueh Mueh and Happy Belated birthday to me 😀



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34 thoughts on “Letter to Heaven

  1. haerat on said:

    Tears was rollin down my eye…all I can say is ЪŦ may allah gives U̶̲̥̅̊ more wisdom,knowledge n understandin in evyth U̶̲̥̅̊ do.much L♥√e

  2. OMG, i’m abt to cry.
    Lovely letter to ur dad, i’m sure he feels like replyin u atm.
    I guess he can’t.
    Miss u plenty.

  3. mobs on said:

    May his soul RIP.. I miss my mom

  4. Azubbie on said:


  5. qsibe on said:

    I have tears in my eyes right now, a very touching letter to daddy, I’m sure sure hez mega proud of u and ur siblings. And he’s definitely watchn ova u guys n mom….this makes me miss my dad more and more,he wld have been 66 on the 15th….*sniff sniff* great job darl!

  6. Bimpe on said:

    Wow! Great!! I’m sobbing too. . I’m sure he has replied you, did you hear him?

  7. Tolu on said:

    Great write up! Lovely Letter

  8. kikz on said:

    Sad! I’m sure he misses u too! Nice letter!!!

  9. Cynthia on said:

    Humour, emotional, real

  10. Nugwa on said:

    Am sure he loves you too…

  11. Linda on said:

    You sure have your way with words, great write-up Zee! Great concept

  12. Saidat on said:

    One word . . WOW!!!

  13. bimbola on said:

    You made me cry! Not fair! I miss my daddy too

  14. U r doing fine. thank God!

  15. fisayo on said:

    Am sure he misses u and he’s watching u

  16. Funke on said:

    I know how u feel. It feels good knowing that somehow you can feel the presence of a dead loved one!

  17. *sobs* funny, touching

  18. damie on said:

    Daddy is up der! And I love ur writing style ;;)

  19. Temitee on said:

    Its allowed to cry though, even on ur wedding

  20. Dera Brain on said:

    I really admire ur sense of humour bt at a time twasn’t funny to me nymre cos i cried………..THE LORD IS UR STRENGHT

  21. kaffysholz. on said:

    Zee nice write up for daddy. May his soul rest in peace. Am sure he is watching ova u and ur siblings. Believe it or not. U guys r, were and will always be his priority. If u know what dat means it means all he is doing naw is watching ova u guys. Go girl u always make me proud. Love u.

  22. nikkillicious on said:

    Touched, may his soul rest in peace, nd may d Almighty send a man dat will stand like ur dad to u.

  23. Nicholas .A on said:

    NICE,made realize hw much I miss mine…

  24. so-solid on said:

    I was actually sobbing n laffin at d same time,ur sense of humor is AMAZING!! Zee,may God continue to uphold u n ur fam n may u continue to make papa proud..lov u!

  25. Nicholas .A on said:

    NICE,made realize hw much I miss mine…U sure hve ur way wit words

  26. Taofik on said:

    May his soul RIP….. *sobs* this is a gud and funny letter, I know he’ll reply u. He is definitely proud of you.

  27. Daddy must be very proud of you. There are so many angles to this piece but let’s call it – Great.

    Keep writing…may your ink never dry up.

  28. Tha Suspect on said:

    Papa Suspect, Its Over 15years now Since you “Moved On” But No lele Sha Ur Boys Dey REp you Gaan…Hw Far? MTCN no be bad idea o…R.I.P Mr Peter. Gerrout

  29. okwy. on said:

    Hmmmm… #deepsigh

  30. Eyimofe on said:

    STOP wasting your talent!! You will make a great writer! Nice one dear

  31. Misz on said:

    I love this. I’m happy u can find some way to be positive about it. It just shows how strong you really are…I’m proud to call u my siso.

    The sky is your take off point babes & I’m so very sure your daddy is proud of you. So sure.

  32. Dido on said:

    Dis is soooo touching,I feel mellowed.

  33. You got me laughing and crying at the same time. Nice one dearie.

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