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A Chase to save Five Year Old Pwashikai Nideno

When tragedy struck a young child, borne out of sheer brutality and wickedness of her fellow human beings in faraway Adamawa State, she herself and those around her may have lamented their misfortunes and concluded that fate had dealt them a cruel hand and that their cries, agony and anguish will go unattended and unnoticed. Pwashikai Nideno, a mere five year-old indigene of Adamawa State was the victim of an inhumane attack on her person which included the severe mutilation of her vagina and intestines. The damage done to her should it not be managed would be lifelong and her chances in life considerably shortened.
However, this innocent girl’s plight has not gone unnoticed. Frankly the opposite. The Brown Heart Foundation, a charity non-profit organization has led the charge in ensuring this little girl reclaims what she has lost and try to give her a new lease of life. The Brown Heart Foundation with R.C881426 is one primed to educate people to take steps towards not only maintaining lifestyles beneficial to their hearts but also supporting social causes through events and media. F.B.H led by their Resident Representative Chaste Inegbedion was created to raise volunteers to contribute to the Saves Series objective of saving lives one step at a time. In line with their aims and objectives and championing social causes, a term with which this case could be lightly referred, the foundation has enjoined individuals, corporate bodies to take an interest in this case and contribute directly to the recovery of this poor child by donation funds to ensure her medical treatment. She needs Five million Naira for a vaginoplasty operation abroad, a procedure to reconstruct her private part and rectum. The foundation has further set up a structure via opening an account to which donations to this grave cause can be made. The account would further stand to finance Nideno’s upkeep and education even after her medical treatment. Nideno is currently hospitalized at the Yola Specialist Hospital’s children surgical ward.
The foundation enjoins Nigerians at large to pull whatever resources and prayers they can, together to ensure that Nideno returns to normal. To keep a tab on the progress of developments as regards her case, the foundation has in the pipeline a website for Pwashikai at



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