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QQSeries : 1

I’m launching the #QQSeries on my blog, where people get to send their random questions to me, I share the questions with others and publish the responses I get on my blog.

Over time I’ve asked such questions and I’ve gotten amazing and helpful responses which have been published on the blog.

Question of the week :
If you aren’t comfortable with your spouses relationship with another individual. Who do you discuss with? Your spouse/the individual?


Your spouse..except you have any form of relationship with that individual though – Tunrayo Poetry

I think u can also discuss with d individual if you are familiar with them. But if you dunno dem like dt it could be creepy – Nwando Onyeabo

Of course your spouse!except perhaps you know the individual as much and you and that individual can broach such a sensitive subject!but I ll speak to my spouse and know what’s going on pronto – Sage Hasson

Spouse. Otherwise, nothing gets fixed. Either way – Tosyn Bucknor

I discuss with my spouse and if he doesn’t take action ill have to either talk to the individual or let him/her know thru my action.cos as a woman I have six eyes.
– CEO Ice Cream & Grills

Your spouse is the person to talk to. Reason=the 3rd party does not owe you any duty of care, trust or loyalty. Those are the duties of your spouse- Bolanle Oduntan

Ill discuss with my spouse nd ill make sure I gve dem tink to make ammends bt if noting happens ill v to discuss it with the individual mysef with loads of warning!:) – Bunmi Momoh

My spouse of course,Bt if d girl no get sense I go join am o – Brendz

I wee shoot the guy.. No discussion:]x. – Peeshaun

Its better to discuss with your spouse cos chances are the individual might take that opportunity to disrespect you especially if they actually have hidden feelings for your spouse.Just discuss it in the lightest possible way so it doesn’t seem like you are trying to control your spouses’ life by choosing their friendships and all.These things require wisdom.
– Feyi Fab

It depends on d individual bt d best person I wld discuss it wit nomatter who d individual is, Is my Spouse cos she wld or rada she shld undastand me beta – Toplad

relationship with my spouses I will surely talk to my spouses explaining the reason. If my spouses refuses to address my worries and I think it might affect our relationship. I will be left with no choice that to take direct measure, approach the individual in a friendly manner if the individual don’t address my worries then its time to send in the mob. @ebutecastle

“why is my spouse always questioning my relationships with other people, and I never give her any stress over the people she speaks or spends time with” – Anonymous

The simplest and peaceful way is to discuss with my spouse. Its nt matured telling d individual cos it might escalate to something else – Shalewa Ajibade


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